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House of Craft – The Debrief with Mark Cunningham

14.05.2018 – Producers. Post-producers. Marketers. Business Directors. Strategists. Creatives of all kinds. OGs and newbies. This first edition of House of Craft – The Debrief brought us together to discuss and learn, to reflect on the past and tackle our day-to-day realities.

During this evening, Mark Cunningham, a veteran of the industry, opened up the conversation about the advertising world from the 70’s until now… Or as he called it, ‘the confessions of a mad man’.

This first edition is part of a series highlighting different topics relating to advertising production. These recurring events are the perfect nights for gabs, get-togethers, a little education and a lot of empowerment.

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House of Craft – The Debrief with Mark Cunningham

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