Creative Production Studio

15.06.2017 - We want to take strong steps towards the international creative industry in and outside Amsterdam with the opening of our boutique studio on the Herengracht and the arrival of Heidi Baltzer as Managing Director. Even more so, Baltzer’s 15 years of experience as a producer in New York and Amsterdam will hopefully increase the wind in our sails.

In the craft field of advertising film and production we want to be leading in an innovative and creative way. The different languages of motion graphics, visual effects, sound, music and VR are our strength with projects for Strongbow, Nissan, Asics, Tele2, Exact and UNStudios. The combination of different specialties located under one roof has always been our strong dynamic.

New challenges

Amsterdam, and more specifically the canals, are becoming a central beacon of national and international creativity. This growing demand hasn’t gone unnoticed, Ton Habraken, Founding Partner and Visual Effects Director: “We are always looking for new challenges and want to keep expanding our horizon. That you can’t do while standing still. We like to take the lead, as we did 10 years ago when we were the first to combine different craft disciplines as one whole package. Now we would like to do the same with the international market. 

There is no time like the present with a growing demand of qualitative creative content through the use of new technology. Everyone is looking for more exciting moving images.”

Intimate atmosphere

Stimulating innovation and challenging creativity is the biggest incentive for this second location. Halbo van der Klaauw, Founding Partner and Managing Director: “We want to give our new customers the soul and grandeur of Amsterdam when they come to our Herengracht studio. Inside is an intimate and creative atmosphere, that allows our teams to work closely together as one family, which is distinctive for Ambassadors.”

Energetic pace

Our family is expanding with Heidi Baltzer as Managing Director, who is bringing the energetic pace of New York to Amsterdam. “Amsterdam has always inspired me. There is so much creative talent in advertising or design, art or architecture. The city is a true melting pot of cultures and ideas. On top of that, the presence of international companies makes for a dynamic challenge. I love that I can bring both of these worlds together, while creating the opportunity to stimulate creative renewal and conjunction in a growing international world.”



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